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commute, as you move into san francisco it is light. headed south on 101 from santa rosa it is looking good. and slowing from the central valley but it picks up through livermore and the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 from hayward to san mateo under 15 minutes. kristen and katie? >> in the last hour work crews on the bay bridge ended a long night to continue the installation of 25,000 l.e.d. lights. amy will tell us, this is all for a new art project live from the embarcardero. amy? >> all in the name of art. they let us join them up there. look at the access we were given on this first overnight shift of the installlation. the plan is to have 25,000 l.e.d. lights grace the western span of the bridge. they will flicker, dim, brighten and have pretty patterns for two years. the artist says he is also assessing and creating while he installs. >> we are 40 percent of the way there in terms of installation and soon we will be able to turn on lights and seeing what they can do. it is something i can not jut create in the studio in new york and send the file down. i have to sit here, be with
're in san francisco call me up and i'll make it. coming up a gift basket just for katie and i better think of something amazing to put inside it. it has been a busy week so far, an impromptu to cooking demo with it has been a busy week so far, an impromptu to cooking demo with my friend michael chiarello. i found out that my friend katie couric is coming to san francisco for a photo shoot and to promote her new show coming to abc, and guess who's catering it? yeah, me. ha, this is going to be fun. i guess katie is not the only one having a photo shoot. ah, having a photo shoot, it's really kind of fun. you have to do a lot of things to remind yourself to smile. so this totally customary in the scott household, when someone's coming to town and you're meeting them for the first time, you've got to get them a gift right? so i'm going to get katie my favorite thing in the whole city, four barrel coffee, i cant wait to get it for her and i'm going to go now. hey jerry, how are you? good many, how are you doing? hey man. nice to see you. you know how much i love four barrel, you guys have been
off against the san francisco 49ers. last night the ravens overcame a strong start by the new england patriots to win the afc championship, 28-13. earlier in the day the 49ers e-ed oute e-got a win over the atlanta falcons. we'll have much more including highlights. it's all straight ahead in sports. >>> okay, now here is your first look at this morning's dish of "scrambled politics." a nevada state lawmaker stephen brooks was arrested on a charge of threatening the nevada speaker because he was unhappy with his committee assignments. >>> and a big thank you to alex witt weekends, here are energy facts. during the afternoon of inauguration day 1985, ronald reagan participated in a coin toss for super bowl xix between san francisco and miami. the president made the call live via satellite from the white house. james buchanan's inauguration in 1857 was delayed for 20 minutes because someone forgot to pick up the departing president. and 1889, a cake in the shape of the capitol building that was six feet high and weighing 800 pounds for benjamin harrison's cake. the commander in chief's
hosts san francisco in the nfc championship game. the ravens are in new england for the afc title game. the winners will meet for the super bowl in new orleans on february 3rd. >>> listen to this. organized crime infringing on the world's most popular sport. there are new reports out that some 50 national soccer leagues are being targeted by criminal gangs trying to fix matches. fifa says in 2012 it was involved in dozens of match fixing investigations, which reportedly accounts for billions in illegal betting. >>> now turning to weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> you have any favorites in these football games? >> italy always. >> big italy fan? >> i'm italian. >> i learn something new every day. >> schiavocampo. >> my irish roots, not the best. >> you can root for italy. >> i'll go for spain, jump on the bandwagon. let me take you through your weekend forecast. looking at nice conditions across the northeast. it will be a little brisk, but at least it's not going to be dry. not many slippery roads, with the exception of cape cod. temperatures where they should be for th
47, a little controversy, a san francisco 49ers cornerback was forced to apologize for saying that gay players would not be welcomed in the locker room. san francisco players got to practice on the field at the new new orleans super dome to get ready for sunday's game. the baltimore ravens also got their chance to get in some practice time, too. jackie and jack harbaugh, the parents of the two super bowl coaches talked to reporters about their sons facing each other. >> we're so excited for john and jim to be in this situation. but we're also really excited for the players and their families. >> the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat and on sunday night we're going to experience both of those, those great emotions. and our thoughts will be with the one that comes up a little short. >> the harbaughs say their sons coaching in the super bowl is part of a great journey their family is on. >>> on today's google front page today, you'll see the image of jackie robinson who broke the color barrier in major league baseball. today is the 40th anniversary of his death. the georg
herself became mayor of san francisco because the serving mayor of san francisco at the time was shot to death, senator feinstein today at this press conference made her case. >> today my colleagues and i are introducing a bill to prohibit the sale, transfer, manufacture, and importation of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices that can accept more than ten rounds. we have tried to recognize legal hunting rights. we have tried to recognize legal defense rights. we have tried to recognize the right of a citizen to legally possess a weapon. no weapon is taken from anyone. the purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time. >> i've watched the slaughter of so many people and i've met with so many victims over the years. and in congress nobody wanted to touch the issue. and the last several years the massacres were going on more and more. and going through it, i kept saying, what's wrong with all of us? how many people have to be killed before we do something? >> i will never forget the sights and sounds of that day as parents emerged from that firehous
the home game next weekend. >> atlanta gets the home game against a great san francisco team. the quarterback is absolutely out of his mind, ran for 180 yards or so. >> 188 yards. >> like he was chasing a car down a highway is what somebody said. >> unbelievable. >> said he makes a new model for what a qb should be. >> absolutely. >> and then "the golden globes" last night. >> bradley cooper got ripped off. i actually saw his movie, and i did not walk out. it's really good. >> it's really good. >> really? >> and it gets you. it's one of those movies that gets better after you left and you start thinking about it. that, to me, is a sign of -- he did a wonderful -- he got ripped off! >> he was really great. >> just amazing. "argo" won. you love "argo." >> that was great. i thought that worked. i actually watched. i'm pop cultured. >> jennifer lawrence won. >> jennifer lawrence won, yeah, definitely. >> she was wonderful. >> she was really good in that movie. >> the actress from "zero dark thirty" won. >> which i haven't seen yet. >> i haven't either. >> and the hosts were amazi
to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ hotwire.com a great cup of coffee should be easy as one, two... well, just one. new single serve cafe collections from maxwell house now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. always good to the last drop. >>> back to "hardball." now to the sideshow. yesterday i showed you a taste i think of what gun control advocates are up against when it comes to the extreme end of the pro-gun side. alex jones talking to cnn's piers morgan. >> hitler took the guns. stalin took the guns. castro took the guns. chavez took the guns. i'm here to tell you. 1776 with commence again if you try to take our firearms! >> performance art. after that how long would it take for the right to evoke adolph hitler? not very. after suggested executive action could be taken in the issue, here's how the drudge report reacted. quote, white house threatens executive orders on guns. there the pictures are obama with hitler and stalin. s
the cities the coin was produced, for instance, d refers to denver, s, san francisco. if you have a 1932 d or a 1932 s, they made a lot less of those coins so you want to bring those in. a quarter like this can be worth $200-700. and don't forget all those different images on coins aren't just pretty pictures. they're a pretty good sign you're holding something special. the buffalo nickel in 1987 in denver, came out with three legs, that so that coin right there is worth a lot of money. same with the v nickel, and a v nickel can be worth a lot of money. i've purchased an 1885 before for about $400. you want to look for the 1916 and 1921 coin, the markings goig to be on the back. and it can sell up to $400. pennies are good too right now. we have pennies that are bringing in a little more. because pennies are no longer made with 100 percent copper. the pennies are starting from $304 and go up to a thousand dollars, that's just for pennies. not a millionaire yet? new to coin collecting? no problem says jim castarec. normally, what i do is i bring up my old chain. i just throw it in a little
, atlanta hosts san francisco in the nfc championship game and the ravens are in new england for the afc title game. the two winners advance to the super bowl in new orleans, february 3rd. >>> college basketball, there are no more undefeated division 1 teams. thomas and ohio state had 20 points as the buckeyes upset the number two michigan wolverines, 56-53. at the sony open in hawaii, russell henley sank five straight birdies on the last five holes for a 63. a new tournament record. >>> later today, lance armstrong will sit down with his blockbuster interview with oprah winfrey. he is expected to address more than a decade of denials related to blood doping and the yuuse o performance enhancing drugs. >>> and here is a sport called underwater hockey. the players use a puck with small sticking as they swim around in a pool and score a goal. what do you think? is this going to catch on? nah. i don't know. >>> just ahead, justin timberlake teamed up for jay-z for his first release in six years. >>> and come of the best moments from the golden globe awards. you're watching "first look" on m
to and was accepted to san francisco state university. he wanted to be a reporter. he got part-time work, and then internships at "the san francisco chronicle" and "the philadelphia daily news," and then the "washington post." he also got a really prestigious internship at the seattle times. that was on the table for him until the recruiter for that internship asked all the new interns, including jose, to bring in their official paperwork, to bring in a birth certificate or a passport or a driver's license, none of which he had. and so he quietly withdrew from that internship and could never explain why he had to. he went on the graduate from college in 2004. he went back to work for the "washington post" again in washington, d.c. he reported from the campaign trail in 2008. he wrote for "rolling stone." he work for "the new yorker." but none of that compared to this. for his coverage of the shooting at virginia tech, jose antonio vargas won the pulitzer prize. what you're looking at here is actually the report from his hometown paper, from "the mountain view voice." think about that. th
that home. we're looking right now as the democrats of 1984. >> i don't like the term san francisco democrats. that was the knock on the city for the orientation of some of the inhabitants. >> i love san francisco, but that convention, you guys were owned by special interests. >> i never had more fun at a convention in my life. thank you, joe scarborough. i think you're a smart guy. and congratulations and thanks for the christmas present. that is great. and it's discreet the "morning joe" part. i can flaunt that thing. >>> up next, quiz. what president established the epa, was more liberal than obama on health care, supported the equal rights amendment, and started affirmative action all together. would you believe, richard nixon? and this is "hardball," the place for politics. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how about...by the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >>> conservatives have been fretting that they're losing th
walked into a law office in san francisco, 101 california street, and the result was mayhem. and one of those lost in that shooting was one of my son's best friends, a law school compatriot of his. and this young man threw himself over his wife, who was there visiting him at the law office and saved her. i can't get over that. my family can't get over that. but it's not about me, and it's not about them, because since then, since 1993, there have been 47 mass shootings, and so many more added to the list of deaths, unneeded deaths and injuries. and, you know, i think there are moments in our history that are pivotal moments, and we change. and we all come out and say, you know, regardless of our opinion and a lot of other things, we need to have some common sense here. i think there was something about the slaughter of those babies that brought us together. and i am so grateful to gabby and mark, because they have so much credibility as gun owners themselves, gabby as a victim, knowing what happened to her. i think it's one of those moments. do you know, ed, more people are killed on
think would be very supportive of things where you're talking about san francisco and l.a. and new york. these are the high-income areas that most of our most progressive members are from. so, you know, i think the president did what he had to do, and i compliment senator mcconnell, which i rarely do, because they basically decided to deal with the things that were doable, and you know, that's always i think the sign of intelligent government, if not necessarily, again, the most desirable process. >> let me play what iowa senator tom harkin had to say about this, one of the people who had some concerns. he voted no. >> mm-hmm. >> now, i'm not saying that everything in this deal is bad. there are some good parts of this, but i repeat, i am concerned about this constant drift, bit by bit, deal by deal, toward more deficits, less job-creation, more unfairness, less economic justice, a society where the gap grows wider between the few who have much and the many who have too little. >> tom harkin is among those who have said repeatedly that this deal does not address the needs of the real mi
. welcome back to the show. we're in the middle of transforming a living room for jae in san francisco. she lives in a great modern space but she wants the room to have more character. i do want to cook more and i'm creating a garden outside and i want to only make it bigger and i want to kind of bring in the gardening, the cooking and bring it all into my home. i don't even have chairs for like for full company and i'm still trying to figure out how to put it all together. so i've just excited for this process to make this little wonder of an apartment into a home where i can have people over and just make it even cozier than it already is. invite your parents over. invite my parents over, yes. so i'll cook for you instead of you cooking for me. it is build day. there's a lot of hustling and bustling going on today. the painters are gone. rafael painted this beautiful green color up on the wall. which is kind of just to do an accent wall. this color is nice and bright and will really add some pop to the room but if we did it on all the walls i just felt like it was going to be too much. so
at this point? >>> san francisco 49er chris culver is apologizing for his anti-gay comments he recently made. a lot of folks are still asking, should he be suspended, taken out from the super bowl? it's your "news nation" "gut check." ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios to the best vacation tendsp(all) the gulf! than those who don't. it doesn't matter which of our great states folks visit. mississippi, alabama, louisiana or florida, they're gonna love it. shaul, your alabama hospitality is incredible. thanks, karen. love your mississippi outdoors. i vote for your florida beaches, dawn. bill, this louisiana seafood is delicious. we're having such a great year on the gulf, we've decided to put aside our rivalry. now is the perfect time to visit anyone of our states. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautiful. take a boat ride, go fishing or just lay in the sun. we've got coastline to explore and wildlife to photog
with baltimore playing in denver against peyton manning and the broncos and green bay will be at san francisco. on sunday, seattle visits the top-seeded atlanta falcons. houston will be at new england. >>> and in hawaii at the pga sony open, a tee shot on the par three 17th hole. his ball lands on top of another ball. that's a shot you don't see every day. >>> and now for another look at the weather. here's nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer. >> it's nice to be here. we are going to see a really nice weekend across the east coast. elsewhere, it is going to cool off quite a bit. we've got 13 degrees in billings, montana, where the snow continues to fall. that whole area stretching down into salt lake city. we could end up with another 6 to 10 inches of snow with that snowstorm going on out that way. on the eastern half of the country, it's the opposite. a little bit of rain. we have temperatures already in the lower 60s in atlanta. 62 in orlando. it is a little cool right now in the northeast. 32 in boston. 38 right now in new york city. we'll rebound to above average temperatures this afternoon. t
of second-term presidencies and where president obama's legacy may fall in that category. >>> san francisco mayor willie brown joins me in our next hour to talk about gun violence and whether the president's new plan will work. this is "weekends with alex witt." [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it with best-in-class combined mpg and more interior room than corolla and civic and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation, and other handy stuff? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $169 per month lease on a new nissan sentra, plus $500 holiday bonus cash. ♪ is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. ♪ i have direct deposit on my visa prepaid. my paycheck is loaded right on my card. automatic. i am not going downtown standing in line to cash it. i know where my money is, b
're at 16 minutes past the hour now. headlines making news on the west coast, "san francisco chronicle" has a front page story. gays no longer taboo on the hill. it's about how the 113th congress includes a lesbian in the senate and six openly gay and by sexual members in the house. as their nems numbers gradually increase there's some sense among the newcomers they are forcing some colleagues to rethink gay rights and homosexuality. >>> seattle times has a story about starbucks boosting ceo howard schultz's pay by 80%. 80%. he was paid $28.9 million in total compensation for the fiscal year that ended in september. the board just wanted to say thank you, reward him for the company's performance over the past several years. >>> well, a new poll finds that the nation is strongly in support of the pentagon's announcement this week that women will now be able to serve in combat roles in the military. gallup report said 74% of people are in favor of the decision. those numbers hold up when you break them down by men and women as well. let me bring in democratic congress woman loretta sanchez, s
hosting the ravens in the early game followed by aaron rodgers leading the packers into san francisco. probably the best offense versus the best defense in the nfl. on sunday, it'll be rookie russell wilson and the seahawks traveling to atlanta to face the number one nfc seeded falcons who no one is afraid of. while the late game will have the texans trying to do the impossible, take down tom brady and the patriots in foxborough. >>> details have been released on junior seau's death. after examining his brain, the national institutes of health concluded seau suffered from degenerative brain disease cte when he fatally shot himself. cte is caused by mild, repetitive trauma to the brain. it's been associated with the symptoms ranging from mood swings to insomnia, depression, and even dementia. autopsies revealed similar brain damage to two former nfl players who committed suicide. >>> the nfl is currently facing a lawsuit from more than 2,000 former placer who withheld information about head traumas. >>> the heat taking on the trail blazer in portland. dwyane wade goes long. wasn't exac
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stuck in heavier pockets of rain. rainshowers move onshore from seattle to san francisco. not a huge storm out that way. chicago, less than an inch expected. the rest of the country, minus florida, fairly try on sunday. down in orlando, we will see scattered showers and storms. temperatures look good. highs topping out around 80. alex. >> thank you so much, dylan dreyer. >>> chelsea clinton described as a potential political powerhouse. not holding any office yet. but will she? you're watching "weekends with alex witt." ke aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it? ...with best-in-class combined mpg... and more interior room than corolla and civic? ...and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation and other handy stuff? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $169-per-month lease on a 2013 nissan sentra. ♪ >> announcer: did
contacted the editor of "the san francisco chronicle" suggesting she could write a better advice column than the one that was in the paper at the time. her pen name abigail van buren. the column was a huge hit. she was syndicated within two months. it would become the most widely syndicated column in the world. phillips' sister was a well known columnist ann landers. her advice was beloved for its wit, humor, and practical kalt. her daughter gene phillips started sharing the dear abby byeline and took over the column fully when the family announced that phillips had been diagnosed with alzheimer's. gene phillips said today i have lost my mother, my mentor, my best friend. my mother leaves very big high heels to fill. colleen phillips, dear abby, was 94 years old. >>> and manti te'o. a rare defensive player to become a heisman finalist known for his heartwarming triumph over tragedy after playing through the death of his girlfriend, or so we thought. now we learned it was all a hoax, but who was the victim here? what did notre dame know and when did the school know it about te'o. john yang is
. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ hotwire.com >>> there are places in this country that look from the outside like nondescript buildings until you realize there are no windows that face the street and there's a guy hanging out at the front door, and that is an plain clothes security guard. once you get inside from one wing of the building to the other, security cameras monitoring every corner of the building. the folks who work at these places sometimes come to work in disguise and when they come to work, they take a different route each day. sometimes they park their cars off site and are driven into the office by a different person each week, who also takes a different route each time. some of them use assumed names outside the office. these places are not field offices of the nsa or the cia or some cagey private military contractor. these are medical offices. this is the way that medicine is being practiced in one small segment of t
their electoral coalition? to tackle that question we're joined by former san francisco mayor willie brown and jeff nichols. how did you read the 2012 outcome? did it validate a liberal agenda or was it more about the individual popularity of one barack obama? >> it was more about the individual popularity of one barack obama plus bill clinton. after all, it was a decisive victory, but it was a victory for the man, not necessarily the party. >> is that how you read it, john? do you see this being an obama victory as opposed to a liberal victory or they intertwined? >> i never want to disagree too much with one of the greater politicians in american history, but i would suggest that there was a little more party there. you won a couple u.s. senate seats that they weren't supposed to win sometimes because of republican flubs. 1.4 million more people voted for democrats for the house than voted for republicans, only gerrymandering kept the house where it is. and so i think that this man has done a lot to build a broad progressive coalition, but your core question is the important one. can you
. joining me dana will bank and former san francisco mayor willie brown. i want to go to mayor brown on this. it just seems to me there are other reasons to have lists of people buying guns, especially semiautomatic rifles, mayor. they have fingerprints on people out there. we don't collect people's hands. this is an absurd lie. of course there are reasons to want to know who buys certain guns. maybe we should have ballistic tests on everything so we have know who kills somebody. your thoughts. are they crazy or smart or both? >> no, i think they're absolutely crazy. i think they are desperately trying as best they can to overcome what obviously is a movement towards some form of gun control, no matter how modest. the most recent incidents involving people who obviously were out of their minds using weapons on children and otherwise has caused panic among the gunowners of america. and in particular, the man whom you had quoted just a minute ago. his reaction is exactly that, of a desperate person trying to stave off what has turned into a basically popular movement. >> you know, if someone c
. the barbara bowl. you have a friendly bet on the super bowl between your teams, san francisco 49ers, senator boxer and you have your jersey on, and the baltimore ravens, senator mikulski. the states are napa valley wine and cheese and or maryland beer and crab cakes. now, when we asked our facebook fans about the outcome, and i'm sorry, senator mikulski, 67% say the 49ers have it in the bag. >> that's not fair, al. they've got 38 million people that can call into you. i've got 5.5 million. you do that call-in kind of stuff, i'm at a disadvantage. but my advantage is not only i have ray lewis, i have ray rice and i have the momentum behind this. >> wait a minute. time out here. here's the deal. you know this is a real family feud. we've got the two coaches are brothers. and here you have two sisters of the senate. >> two barbara sisters. >> we're two sisters over here. we agree on 95% of the issues. now we are torn. i've got to tell you something. the ravens are wonderful, but they are going to fly away because we're going to win. that's just the way it is. >> the 49ers are going to come up l
, of course, the beer ready. super bowl xlvii is this sunday. >> what? >> as the baltimore ravens and san francisco 49ers meet at the super bowbowl, we have an offic cycle pool going. what is your favorite part of the game? christopher william riordan says betting squares, chicken wings, and commercials. >> no football? >> no football. get on facebook and let us know what you think. tomorrow you will learn our take on the oddsmakers, the commercials. >>> up next, stop the presses, krystal ball says ronald reagan was right. why do i suspect there is a catch here? yes she is, yes she. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. and you'll dump your old broom. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] swiffer sweeper's electrostatic dry cloths attract and lock dirt, dust, and hair on contact to clean 50% more than a broom. it's a difference you can feel. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. and now
house. >> well, you represent an area of the country out on the coast, just south of san francisco, and more liberal than the rest of the country, but in this big heartland of our country, really in the middle, it's so pro-gun rights. what do you think has the best chance of passing the congress in both houses, republican and democrat? >> i think a universal background check is absolutely imperative. 40% of the guns that are purchased in this country right now do not go through that background check either because they're at local gun shows or personal sales, private sales. so the fact that even that database we have does not include persons who are on the terror watch list or persons who are fugitives from the law or who are stalkers, i think it's given us all reason to pause to think, what are we doing here? at the very least we have to have a comprehensive background check. >> david, studying in politics in the way you study it, what's the best bet? >> i think it is background checks. i think it has more influence than the high magazines, the high capacity magazines, because it
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a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ hotwire.com >>> history is being made in new hampshire where every member of the state's congressional delegation for the 113th congress will be a woman. women won the state's two house seats in the november election. and they already held both senate seats making the granite state the first all-female congressional delegation in history. and the state's new governor is a woman. as are the state house speaker and the chief justice of the state's supreme court. overall in the united states senate, one in five members will be a woman. and women will make up nearly 18% of the new house. both are record highs for washington. we'll be right back. suddenly, she does something unexpected and you see the woman you fell in love with. she's everything to you. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be
this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ hotwire.com >>> he was so extreme, he was often called cheney's cheney. as counsel and chief of staff to the former president, david addington was the bush administration's chief advocate for torture. addington believed that wartime presidents should be granted extraordinary powers and was widely considered to be the driving force behind the bush administration's embrace of enhanced interrogation techniques and electronic surveillance. back in 2006, david iglesias of the "washington post" described addington as the bush administration's ideological enforcer. most mornings during the first term, he would join the staff meeting in the white house counsel's office and take potshots at anyone he regarded as insufficiently committed to the president's agenda. it was very surprising if anyone took a position more conservative than david. and this was a very conservative office, recalls one former colleague.
, in san francisco in particular, that have made you more passionate even about this issue. >> i think any of us who have been victims of gun violence, gabby, ron barber, any of us who have survived, feel an obligation to speak out and to do something because the lives that were lost should not have been lost in vain. much like the families that are grieving in newtown and will rise up on this issue, they want to make sure that the lives of those little children are not lost in vain. >> do you sense a change in attitude in congress? i know you're not back in session yet, but you were after newtown. has this changed anything, or is there a very short window and things have to be acted on quickly while the memories are still so raw? >> i do think we have to act quickly, because there is a super structure within many organizations to try and tamp down any effort. since 2004, there have been efforts that have been very successful in congress to undue laws that were in place that gave us the ability to track criminals, to track the data around guns, to develop the kinds of laws to protect law-a
afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ hotwire.com >>> "ed show" survey tonight i asked will republican leadership denounce the extreme rhetoric on guns? 5% of you say yes. 95% of you say no. coming up, another day, another ceo comes out against obama care. jonathan alter joins me for the discussion of the story. stay with us. [ male announcer ] house rule number 46. what's good for the pot... is even better for the cup. new single serve cafe collections from maxwell house. now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. always good to the last drop. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and you...rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national.
was gunned down and died in an office shooting in san francisco way back when i first came to the senate in the early 1990s, and he threw helms on top of his wife and saved her life. this changed me in many ways because it showed me the hole many your heart that you have, and i think what happened in sandy hook put a hole in america's heart, so i think this is a changed moment for us. when you see that almost 90% of the people support background checks, so we make sure guns do not get in the hands of the mentally ill, criminals, people who would harm others or do harm to themselves, that's commonsense. it isn't about taking gun rights away at all. it has nothing to do with that. i think if america would understand that we lose in two years more people from gun violence than we lost in ten years in the vietnam war, this is a crisis i can only hope that we will move forward with a good plan. i think the president has laid one out. it includes school safety, which i'm an advocate of. i'm pleased about that. if ever there was a moment, andrea, this is the moment. >> senator barbara boxer, se
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cities like boston and san francisco. now, white house officials say on tuesday, president obama will travel to las vegas and talk about another big goal for his being second term. immigration reform. analysts say the clock ticking for him to get something done on that issue as well. >> okay. thank you, kristin. >> thanks, alex. >>> a sneak peek on long-awaited super bowl ads. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. stay top of mind with customers? from deals that bring them in with an offer... to social media promotions that turn fans into customers... to events that engage and create buzz... to e-mails that keep loyal customers coming ba
involved in the dealmaking. >>> anti-gay comments of a san francisco 49er have a lot of people upset. he has not been suspended from the super bowl and some are asking why. it's the "news nation" gut check.
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